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About us
  Docharm was established in 1996 as a company specilizing in developing and manufacturing har-nesses,plastic parts and other elctric fittings related to auto lamps,auto-airconditioners,and car-seats.After over ten yearsundaunted efforts and hard work,Docharm pepople have successfully come up with products with distictive features of their own company in the four major categories including harnesses,bulbholders,plastic binding parts,and plastic products of special material.
  The company boasts mature research&development technology as well as integrated productive ability based on the operation and management experience of over ten years.The company possesses complete machine-manufacturing and mould-processing equipment,and advanced production and testing facilities including injection machines,crimping machines,punches,supersonic thermal welders,2D mapping machines,metallographic analyzers,hardness testers,ageing meters,and salt spray cabinets.
  Success attributes to professional abilities and complete resource integration leads to perfection.
  Presently,the company is staffed with more than 600 people.And 30% of them are professionals and technicians.By means of advanced technology and management as well as their persistent hard work,the people of Docharm have solved one technical problem after another and won respect and acclaim from its clients.
  Supported by the first-class technology and perfect productive and administrative system,moti-vated by continuous innovation,and guided by its principle of Assure our Customers with Best Product and Satisfy them with Excellent Service,Docharm shall stick to its corporate philosophy of "Initiative,Active,Probing and Improving",and biuld itself into a domestically first class manufacturer of automo-tive parts & components.
      On June 2015,Docharm and Amphenol Corporation jointed as a new company named Nantong Docharm Amphenol Automovtive Electronics Co.,Ltd.It will lead Docharm to be more professional and brilliant future under new opportunity,new platform and new development.
       Your need is just what we are pursuing.
  The company shall adhere to its faith of "Excellence-Seeking",and work diligently to reward the clients with first-rate products and services.
  It is our sincere wish to cooperate with you for our common prosperity.
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